Friday, November 5, 2010

Football In Boston,Middle School Style!

On a recent afternoon at Magazine Park in Roxbury,two football teams ran,passed,tackled,and blocked each other under beautiful blue skies and very cool November temps.This event had just about everything you'd expect.;referees,cheerleaders,and upbeat fans who cheered their perspective teams on from the opening kickoff till the final whistle had blown. But as you may not expect,this game wasn't played by two high schools or Pop Warner squads. It was a battle between the McCormack School and Orchard Garden School. For those that don't recognize those names,they are the names of Middle schools which educate students from 6th to 8th grade. (In the case of Orchard Gardens they are actually a K-8 school) After decades of limited options as far as afterschool sports at the middle school level in Boston, football is now available at several Boston Public Schools. This writer had a chance to witness a game that had a great atmosphere which included great coaching,upbeat student athletes,and obvious strong support from each school's faculty. salutes the participating schools who participate in middle school football and looks forward to attending more games in the future. SOCS also respects an admires all the organizers,sponsors, and individuals who are making this all happen for our youth.