Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cory McCarthy,New Mission Movin' On Up!

You've coached a girl's high school basketball team to a D4 state title.You've coached a boy's hoop team at the same school to a D4 state title as well. Satisfied? Nope. Content with the prospect of repeating? Definitely not! Welcome to Cory McCarthy's world. Coach McCarthy has quietly taken his basketball teams to the highest heights they can go in the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association's Division 4 and has no plans to have the boy's team rest on it's laurels.That's why only a short time after cementing their status as a D4 powerhouse, they will make a big jump and perhaps a huge splash in Division 2 in the 2010-2011 season. had the unique oppurtunity to speak with Coach McCarthy recently an is proud to share with readers,his thoughts:

Sonofcodmansquare: What are a few of the main reasons for the move to D2?
Coach McCarthy: "We moved to D2 because we would like to have the chance to play at the DCU Center if we play well enough that is. I feel that by looking at the development of some of my kids,we could be good for a while around here.Plus we have a responsibility to Boston to show other cities and towns an disbelievers that a small BCL team could not only succeed but also send kids to college in the process.Trust me,this decision didn't take long at all."
S.O.C. How long has the move been in the works?
Coach McCarthy:"The move was never in the works until the buzzer sounded March 8th around 4:18pm at the Garden".
S.O.C. Is your staff ever concerned about losing a player(s) to prep/private school?
Coach McCarthy:"First off,my staff has been great all year.Paul Mahoney is a great x and o's guy and Dana Raines and William Hayes are new to coaching but do an excellant job. We are never concerned about losing players,but we are concerned about losing the kid himself that we've grown to love. That's hard because we may be losing a real good one this year."
S.O.C. You've also won a state title with the N.M. girls team.How is this one different/similar?
Coach McCarthy:"Winning the states with the girls was much harder.Different challenges.With the girls I didn't know how many will show up and we were so new to the MIAA,the rules tripped us up a few times,but I knew I had the toughest girls in that tournament,mentally tough in particularly Brittany White and Bianca Flores who were tough in and out of school and refused to lose. With the boys,we were expected to win,plus I wanted to win it for our boys who have worked so hard in and out of the classroom and for our program who gets little or no respect in the city. I mean,guys will shake your hand and then turn to their friend and say,"they are D4 ahaha" and I'm like remember now,"250" kids. But both experiences were incredible for me with the boys just hitting me a day ago like wow,no more ball or coaching for me for a whileeeee."

Ok,now folks... Like Public Enemy's Chuck D. once said,"Don't say you understand,until you hear the man!" And you & I just heard him.
Sonofcodmansquare salutes Coach McCarthy,his staff,and student/athletes over at New Mission High in Roxbury and sincerily hope they do in fact get the respect they deserve in the days to come.In the meantime, watchout D2,the Titans are YOUR problem now!!