Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sports Talk Radio And Racism: Like Baseball And Apple Pie

One day I'll blog about talk radio in general. One day I'll take up my reader's precious time by sharing with them my "good ole days" when as a child in the 70's I'd listen to a sports talk radio show while soaking my tail in the tub on Sunday nights (already too much info,lol). Perhaps when I truely have time, I may also try as best I can, to understand why hearing an African -American or "minority" on air personality on talk radio in Boston is as scarce as hmm,let's see.....a pay phone!!!
But tonight is not the evening for such discussions,nope. This evening I simply want to express,that in this writer's opinion that it may in fact be advantageous for local radio stations to avoid hiring Black talent for their shows. Case in point, the not yet 2 year old WBZFM 98.5 station. "The Sports Hub" as they call themselves, recently became arguably the most popular FM station as far as sports talk is concern. The latest ratings have them pretty much blowing 850AM WEEI out of the water as far as popularity among 18-50 something males. WEEI which has been an annual ratings giant for the past decade is the home of the Dennis & Callahan show that once compared African - American METCO students to a gorilla that temporarily escaped from the Franklin Pk. Zoo. This evening on the Felger & Massaroti Show,co-host Micheal Felger complained for several minutes about Boston cab drivers as being "all Jamaican " and "not knowing the city at all". He went on to say that they "suck" and can't answer any questions a passenger may have about Boston. Co-host Tony Massaroti and whoever the guy who acts as a 3rd wheel for them added their dissatisfaction with local cabbies and indicted that "they all talk constantly on their cell phones" and depsite having GPS,still get lost. Well,this is coming from people who should know better. Both Felger and Massarotti have worked as reporters for the Boston Herald as well as on air personalities for (you guessed it) WEEI.
Chances are their wide audience will give them credit for in THEIR opinion "keeping it real",and not complain at all. Tomorrow probably won't bring ANY outcry from cabbies or the community they serve. BUT, as an all grown up,lifelong Bostonian and sports fanatic,whose only desire when listening to sports radio is to in fact listen to hosts,callers and guests conduct dialogue about sports,I've once again been disappointed.
Thanks again for taking the time to read this blog. Take care,and God Bless!