Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wolfpack JV Mauls Newton South!

Happy Election Day Everyone!
The Boston Latin School Junior Varsity football team came out hot as a pistol and put on an awesome exhibit of power football in their 30-0 drubbing of Newton South yesterday. The visiting Wolfpack pretty much had their way with the host Lions and dominated in all phases. Latin consistently put together long offensive drives with good ole fashioned, "we'rerunningrightatyouandthere'snothingyoucandoaboutit" smashmouth football. This game could've easily been 40-0 if Latin didn't fail in all of their 2 point conversions, which included a couple of pass attempts.
But,this is JV,so all is forgivien as these youngsters work out the kinks and perfect their skills in preparation for promising varsity careers.
Sonofcodmansquare.com salutes the Wolfpack players and coaches for the fine performance they put on yesterday. Take care,and don't forget to vote!