Monday, November 8, 2010

We're Two Years Old!

Well,two years and 5 days,lol!
We're no longer crawling or walking with uncertainty.We are off and running.
What began as a birthday gift from this blogmaster to his community has developed into a positive venture,well worth the extensive time & effort put into it.
A small collection of pictures,thoughts,and criticisms,has developed into an unlimited amount of fresh air for many polluted airways. This site has been in many ways a source of pride,not just for me,but scores of others. People feel good when they see themselves depicted in a positive light. Teenagers are steadily using this site's pictures for Facebook accounts at a frantic pace,parents are proudly showing their children's photos to all that will look.Readers are getting insight on teams and organizations that they hadn't even known existed. Single articles about drugs,crime and violence in newspapers are being countered with dozens of images of hope,high spirits and peace. Certain demo graphs that historically have been underserved are now being flooded with attention and careful consideration.
We're 24 months (and 5 days,lol) and still growing. We've seen dreams come true and others shattered and we learned from them. We've heard words too grown for our ears and conversations that perhaps we're slightly too old to understand. And we're better off for it. We've been able to engage in dialogue with many leaders,and even more followers. And we've enjoyed the ride. We've enjoyed the highlights and endured the lowlights. And we wouldn't have it any other way.
Often,I've referred to S.O.C.S. as,"The Little Blog That Could",or as being,"just a bill,only a bill,sittin' here on Capitol Hill',and I guess that's what we are. We quietly go about our business,chugging along slow,but with great conviction and determination.
Being able to post things with the knowledge that they're out there in cyberspace for the whole world to see is good enough for me. That's always been a primary motive here. Getting "our message" across to the masses. Letting anyone listening know that there's so much more to this community we call Boston,Ma. than all of the negativity we're all too accustomed to.
What's been a great help in nurturing this toddler of a site, is the feedback it's received,positive and negative. For every adult that gives me the cold shoulder there are a couple dozen children who give warm smiles. For every teenager who thinks this site is all about him or her ,there are several parents whom are tickled to death to see their child in even one good picture. For every coach who seems disappointed that I'm not from the Globe or Herald when first meeting me,is an entire team that realizes who "that guy with the camera" is (LOL!)
So,here's to being 735 days old.After all,in internet years that's at least old enough to vote!
God Bless,R.J..