Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Mission Girls Victorious In Rematch!

This was not your ordinary,garden variety,whatever-whatever,friendly game of basketball. This wasn't a game where style points,courtesy,and acting ladylike were going to make you a success.Not in this building,not on this night.
That being said, the Lady Titans from New Mission High put on their game faces,brought their lunch pales and went right to work in what would turn out to be a major statement game.They scrapped for every loose ball,went hard after every rebound and maintained their composure in the heat of battle while walking out of O'Bryant High School with a big win on Tuesday night.
The host Lady Tigers took the first game played between these powerhouse teams back in December but weren't able to contain New Mission on this night.There will definitely be better days ahead for O'Bryant,but on this night New Mission was not to be denied.