Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Boston's Class Of 2010

Hello Everyone,

By now most (all,lol) Boston high school seniors have donned caps & gowns,crossed stages,recieved diplomas while simultaneously shaking hands of pricipals and guest speakers.They've celebrated amongst themselves and with family and friends. For many,this summer may be the most pivitol of their lives.

The workforce will beckon some.Vacationing will call others. Uncertainty and lack of direction will also be an issue unfortunately for a large amountas well.For much of the Class of 2010 college has already begun,with orientations to help them adjust,adapt,and prepare for the obligations and demands of college life.

In the upcoming days this site will feature some of our city's recent high school grads and allow them to share some of their experiences as well as their plans for their future.