Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Do You Really Know Charles S. Brown? You Should...

Hello Everyone,
As promised, this site will profile Boston's Class of 2010 in the coming days. Today we are very proud to profile Charles S. Brown III.
Dorchester's very own Charles S. Brown recently graduated from the John D. O'Bryant High School after a very successful 4 years there. Charles excelled in two sports and is now on his way to college in the Fall.
Charles S. Brown: "I was born and raised in Dorchester.Began my football career with the Boston Raiders on the E team,quit didn't think football was my thing.I picked it back up when I was 14 with the (Mission Hill) Bucs,played some second string wide reciever. The following year I went to the (Dorchester) Eagles and got my first start at center. Now having a love of the game I persued it in high school. My coach felt I should do track so I did so solely to get faster for football,but then I fell in love with the level of competition."
As Charles got better in both sports,opposing teams and coaches began to take notice. In football,when he wasn't catching passes and scoring touchdowns,he was causing all kinds of havoc as a defender in the secondary. On the track,he developed into one of the city's best sprinters and long jumpers.
C.S.B. :"Teams began to plan around me,not throw to my side,make their best athletes run other races because they feared I might beat them."
Do you really know Charles now? Charles's athletic prowness isn't his only great accomplishment. You see,this student athlete's hard work and preserverence has earned him acceptance to Elizabeth City State University,a historically Black college in North Carolina!
C.S.B. : "I will eventually play football at ECSU. Their D2 and really good. I know the transition will be big,this is why I plan to take a year off to see if I can handle the workload,seeing I'm paying for this education."
So there you have it. Just a small part of one of Boston's Class of 2010. Charles S. Brown III. A young man who defied many odds and is well on his way to success!
And if by now you still don't know Charles,you should!

photo courtesy of Charles S. Brown