Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Smile,You're On Codman Camera!!!

If you play,coach,or attend a high school baseball or softball game in Boston this spring,be prepared to be a part of this blog. Sonofcodmansquare.com is at the games taking pics and providing our city with the positive images it deserves. The "Son" is often confused with yearbook and newspaper photogs,as well as other media outlets. In reality,it's just Sonofcodmansquare.com DOING Sonofcodmansquare.com. And hopefully,despite this sites' relative "newness" to the local scene,it's our hope to become a greater source of positivety through pictures and just enough words to get our point across. That point is;our youth,our community,and our lives are worth witnessing,admiring,and documenting in an uplifting fashion.
That being said,please continue to follow this site as we bring you images of Boston International (below) and Boston English softball,Burke baseball,and many others......
It's been great meeting players,fans ,and coaches along the way. Please help spread the word. In the meantime,don't be too surprised when we show up at YOUR game or event,lol! We welcome your feedback,so email if and when you see fit!
Take care and God Bless!