Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Note To Readers/Friends......

Hi Everyone,
I'd like to take a moment to thank all who've read and enjoyed this blog. Special thanks to all who's participated in the surveys and polls. Extra special thanks to all who've shared positive feedback. It all counts. is the email address. I encourage you to use it as often as you'd like. You may have to manually type it in instead of just clicking on it. Thanks.
I'd also like to take this time to ask YOU a favor. Whenever you use a pic from this blog and post it elsewhere,(Facebook,Twitter,media outlets,websites,etc.),I encourage you to mention at some point in that post. To me, it's a show of mutual respect,as I respect you by posting your image(s) free of charge, and with great enthusiasm.
In addition,if my watermark is an issue when you're deciding to print and frame one of this blog's pics for display in your home or workplace,let me know.A picture without the watermark may be provided to you. looks forward to covering local events,while continuing to establish itself as a popular media outlet. One which hopefully provides much needed exposure to individuals and organizations which deserve much more exposure than they've historically recieved via the internet.Any newspaper or TV newschannel website can publicize violance,poverty,and despair. Then on top of that allow fools to post extremely derogatory comments in a "comment" section that just adds to the negativity of the original story. Too often that kind of dialog although an example of free speech,can just add fuel to a negative fire that's been burning in Boston far too long. refuses to participate or display any negativity on it's pages.No,Sonofcodmansquare. is not niave, what it represents is a positive alternative.