Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Just Gotta Say This.....

Hello Everyone! With the holiday season approaching quickly,I find myself thinking about all the things I have to be thankful for. And maybe at this time NEXT year,I'll have even MORE to be thankful for.
On Sunday November 22nd, the City of Boston will have several Pop Warner teams playing playoff games and fighting for a trip to Disney World and a national title. The Boston Raiders ,which have multiple teams within it's organization still in the hunt,join the Mattapan Patriots,and Brookline/Jamaica Plain Patriots in the fight for a December trip to Orlando,Fla. If you can,please go out and support them!
And now my thoughts for the days ahead....

When Eastie /Southie play at White Stadium on Thursday can spectators PLEASE be spared the muffled,staticky (is that a word) recording of Whitney Houston performing the "Star Spangled Banner" that we've had to endure all season? It was originally recorded to be a part of her Super Bowl XXV pregame performance and sounds all of it's 18 plus years! How about a student from one of the two schools actually singing the song "live"? That would be great!

I hope I'm wrong, but did someone say that 7-2 O'Bryant can NOT make the playoffs ,regardless of the outcome of their upcoming game versus Latin Academy? Your kiddin',right?

How about an football all-star game exclusively for our city's players at the end of the season? The best seniors,playing at a venue which can charge admission to cover costs,and give our student/athletes the attention they deserve.

Getting back to Pop Warner,the New England Championships which decide which teams win the right to go to Disney traditionally take place the day after Thanksgiving. Why can't the players hit the scale on Wednesday? All season long they are not only on a scale,but on pins & needles about their weight,and now with potentially the biggest game of their life arriving,they have to cutback,or in many cases forgo one of the most important meals of the year with their families and friends. Professional boxers don't weigh in the same day so why should our children? Now don't get me wrong, this writer could gain plenty of weight in a 48 hour period,lol,but how about a 2,3 pound allowance across the board for everyone? That would help maintain a level playing field for all.

Thanks to all who have visited this blog,and an extra thanks to everyone who participates in the polls/surveys. Have a great week and I look forward to seeing MANY of you on Thursday!