Monday, November 9, 2009

A Field of Their Own!

The Dorchester Eagles Pop Warner football teams need a new (better) field at which to host their games. It's just that simple! After so many years at Garvey Playground,it's time for an upgrade in conditions. Garvey is a mixed use facility which is far better suited for baseball. The only thing it has in common with a "real" football field is 2 goal posts and chaulked lines every 10 yards. It's also a very dangerous place to play organized full contact football. Players should be able to focus on running,blocking & tackling instead of rolling an ankle in the first base coach's box,or falling down a steep incline during a play in the endzone. Extra point kicks are often a threat to the small children who play near and along the walking path,and the clay infield is no bargain either. It takes up a sizeable amount of the football field. Sure,it's fine when sliding into second base, but ask a 9 year old how their forearms & elbows feel after being scraped and scuffed on it week in,week out.And the puddles are legendary (see picture below)! Spectators at the games are often at a disadvantage as well. When viewing a game one has two choices; sit in the decrepit bleachers,which are so low that you really can't see beyond the players and coaches on the sidelines;are so far away from the field that your little warrior probably won't be able to hear you as you cheer him/her on,or just stand around the perimeter of the field and constantly find yourself walking back and forth in order to follow the action. This observer suggests either upgrade Roberts Field at Dorchester High School with bleachers, fencing,new sod,and a fieldhouse for concessions and restrooms,or perhaps the best option,allow Dorchester Pop Warner to use Pope John Paul 2 Park in Neponset Circle. It already has beautiful, grassy fields sitting on 65 acres, that youth soccer teams play on,ample parking etc.. To become an admirable football facility it only needs bleachers (and hopefully a scoreboard could be donated as well) and white chaulk lines. It's only fair that this nationally recognized organization which has served thousands of our youth over the past decade be given accomodations which coincide with the overwhelming success they have achieved.The Eagles are VERY deserving of a safe place in which to play their football games from this day forward. Their regular season is 8 games long,therefore they only need the field 4 or 5 weekends each fall and can continue to practice elsewhere. This observer just feels as though on game days when hundreds of families come out to see their children play a high quality brand of football,it should be on a field that is comparable to their opponent's ,safe for children of ALL ages,and dedicated to them and their efforts that day! So whether it's city property,or state property controlled by the DCR,this organization deserves BETTER!