Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Choice Is Easy: Vote Charles Yancey For Mayor Of Boston

Hello Everyone,
This year's race for Mayor of city of Boston is a crowded one,full of candidates from very diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. It includes local business owners,attorneys,educators,and politicians, all of whom feel as though they have as good a chance to secure the big chair down at City Hall as anyone.
 Most realize that with the current mayor stepping down at the end of the year,the race promises to be wide open and at this stage unpredictable.
Having said that,this writer doesn't feel as though choosing the best candidate will be difficult at all.
 We all want someone who is passionate about community,safe streets & schools while being an individual with vast experience in how best to run this city. The person who will lead Boston for the next 4 years must show and prove a history of being the best advocate for the wellness and prosperity of all residents,citywide.
There curently is no other person more qualified to step right into the office of Mayor of Boston and do a respectable job than Charles Calvin Yancey,current District 4 City Councilor.
Mr. Yancey who's 30 years of experience on the city council has proven countless times that he is very well suited to run this city. His accomplishments are not just limited to having played important roles in the building of a police station,library and community center,but Mr. Yancey has fought all the battles within City Hall that others previously shied away from. His confrontations and dealings with adversaries such as the late councillor James Kelly from South Boston are legandary.
 Counilor Yancey,who's district includes Mattapan and parts of Dorchester has battled and overcome more racism,discrimination and disrespect from his peers on the council during his term than any other councilor that ever held the position. And through it all has been a respectful,classy and professional example of what a true leader should be.
The other candidates may be very good at their current jobs and careers thus far but as a native Bostonian who lived in Mr. Yancey's district for over 20 years,I'm confident that his qualifications for the position of mayor are unmatched.
The choice is obvious. Boston needs Charles Yancey as mayor!