Monday, June 4, 2012

Class Of 2012 : Madison Park's Geo Zapata!

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Hello Everyone. It's with great pleasure and respect that this blog will now have the oppurtunity to briefly write about a local student-athlete that epitomizes what high school athletics should always be about.
Geo Zapata is a three sport athlete at Madison Park High in Roxbury,Massachusetts and a member of it's class of 2012. For the past four years,Geo has participated in and captained the football and volleyball teams as well as ran indoor track for the Cardinals. Also,most importantly,he's handled his business in the classroom and off the field as well. And YES, this Boston resident who calls Dorchester his home, WILL be attending college in the Fall. But in addition to all that,Geo currently holds down a job and like most summers will continue to play in nearby basketball leagues.
Here's #10 speaking in his own words:
Geo Zapata: My best experience at Madison Park would have to be playing sports because I have developed friendships that will last a lifetime with both players and coaches".
S.O.C. Square: And your least favorite experience?
G.Z. "My least favorite experience would be the waking up early." "Don't get me wrong,I love school." "Afterall,I'm a scholar-athlete,but 7:40am (school starting time) is a tad early." "Juggling school and sports was easy for me because I'm good at dividing my time between things I love." "Also,I know you have to maintain a certain grade to play,so that motivates me alot as well."
S.O.C. Square: Any advice for other kids in Boston,as far as staying out of trouble and doing the right thing?
G.Z.: "My advice to other kids is to stay active in sports or any extra cirricular activity because if you keep your time occupied then there's no way that you can get in trouble." "Only the bored get in trouble because they need and want attention."
Trust me,with school,work,and sports,Geo is anything but bored or boring. I also want to mention that he has a great amount of school spirit. He often attends his school's girls and boys basketball games and can be seen at  softball games as well,supporting MP. Oh,and did I mention helping out with concessions and tickets at home games as well as volunteering at MP proms in previous years.
Therefore, with all of the hardwork,enthusiasm,and productivity this young man has displayed in his four years at's gratifying to a Boston born & bred individual like this writer to share with my reading audience an excellant  example of an accomplished local kid on his way to even greater success in life!
S.O.C. Square: What went into choosing Johnson & Wales College for college?
G.Z.: "I chose Johnson & Wales and the major of hospitality because it's in Florida and I love Florida." "Also Johnson & Wales has their own hotel for me to work in."

Best of luck to Madison Park High's Geo Zapata!