Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Forecast For City Hoops;Bright and Sunny!

It's 5:45pm. on a recent afternoon and the weather outside is cold and dreary to say the least. The forecast for the next 24 hours is so dismal that the City of Boston has already announced that all of it's schools will be closed the following day.That's outside the Hennigan School. On the inside of the Jamaica Plain based elementary school the atmosphere is much more warm and promising. In the gymnasium two high school hoop teams are preparing to play each other for the first time this season. The Fenway Lady Panthers are at the far end of the gym,all smiles as they pose for a team picture. This is their home court. The visiting Lady Cardinals from Madison Park warm up with passing,shooting,and layup drills. They are all business and not short on game faces. Spectators from both schools filled the bleachers as Lloyd Banks's ,"Start It Up" could be heard very prominently from the speakers place behind the baseline.
Cold outside,very warm inside. That's high school hoop in the city. And that's a good thing.