Wednesday, November 17, 2010

City Teams Iced Out Of Gillette,Again!

Good afternoon Everyone,
Once again the Boston Public Schools high school football teams can do everything in their power to earn a coveted spot in two of the annual MIAA Super Bowl games ,but once again,their efforts won't be enough to gain entry into Gillette Stadium.
The Kraft family which owns not only the New England Patriots, but their home field in Foxborough have graciously extended their facilities to the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association to host Super Bowl games in six divisions. Unfortunately,the BPS schools play in Divisions 4 and 4A,which are scheduled to be played at Curry College in Milton.
The Krafts have even very recently allowed two private high schools (Rivers and Pingree) to play their NEPSAC Championships game this Saturday at Gillette. A game that was previously scheduled to take place at Endicott College in Beverly.
The MIAA games are scheduled for Saturday,December 4rth. Yes, the six games will begin in the morning and end well into the night. That is for certain. But the very next day could very well be a desirable day to host the D4,4A contests. The primary tenant (the New England Patriots) play their game versus the Jets on Monday night, and although they may need the field for a walkthrough, the high school games would certainly not consume the stadium all day. The regardless of what schools were involved,the stadium would be far from even half full and getting fans in,getting them out and having the game in between would definitely not take an entire day.
Therefore,I suggest in the spirit of fairness to all ,maybe the divisions can alternate every other year,or the people who do the scheduling ,on the Krafts side could try harder to find a way to squeeze the D4, 4A teams in at some point between Saturday morning and even Monday evening. The extra day of rest wouldn't hurt a team that just played a playoff game the previous Tuesday.
I absolutely LOVE the fact that the stadium is use for as many games as possible,let's just be fair about it. Most of us in our lifetime won't ever even get a sniff of Gillette Stadium,as a player or fan. Anyone who has had the opportunity to go in there realizes very quickly how nice a place it is and on game days how wonderful an environment it can be. But sadly,if your a high school player in the Boston Public Schools,you may never get the opportunity to do your thing on the same field as the heroes you've grown up watching on TV.