Monday, October 18, 2010

JV Football Baby! (Where it all begins)

Happy Monday Everyone! This afternoon Sonofcodmansquare hustled,rushed, and franticley bobbed & weeved it's way through rush hour traffic in order to catch the Southie -Hyde Park game. The JV football game was played in Southie at Saunders Stadium conveniently located in Columbia Circle at Joe Moakley Park. Both teams went hard and players got alot of reps in on both sides of the ball which always helps in the players' continuing development. The weather was great and the artificial surface of the field provided excellant conditions for a football game. is proud to have been present once again at a Junior Varsity game. We can't make them all,but we're glad to be able to hopefully expose to growing audience, a small sample of the positive side of our city's student athletes. Take care and have a great evening!