Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Here Comes Peter Berment,There Goes Peter Berment!

Name: Peter Pop Off Pete Berment
School: Dorchester High Class of 2010
Next Stop: Curry College

photo courtesy of Rich J.
You're a defender and you've got a good angle on the ballcarrier who appears to be headed out of bounds so you slow up and show mercy...pop!

You're an offensive player who should be blocking someone but the play behind you appears to be doomed before the whistle blows so you hesitate...pop! In both cases,you've been clocked, and #7 in the red & black uniform is the reason.

Football coaches from the Pop Warner level to the NFL preach to their players the importance of "playing to the whistle". Last Fall,every team on Dorchester High School's schedule was reminded of that on every posession by it's all city running back /safety Peter Berment.

In addition to scoring 16 touchdowns and rushing for nearly 1,400 yards his senior season,Berment pretty much hit everything that moved from the defensive side of the ball.

Berment's combination of speed and physicality are traits he developed as a youngster at the Pop Warner level and managed to successfully build upon them as he made the jump from PW to high school football.

Sonofcodmansquare.com: At what point in your football career did you say to yourself ,"hey,I can do this,I can excell at this level?"

Peter Berment: When I started playing at English High and people weren't able to take me down easy is when I knew I was able to play at this level, so by the time I got to Dorchester High it was like nothing was brand new to me. The feeling just came easy."

Peter's football talent is obvious but what's extremely important for readers to understand is that he gets it done in the classroom as well.

P.B.: "My most challenging experience in high school was taking AP calculus because I was afraid of it bringing my GPA down." "I ended up passing with a C+ average with the 2nd highest score on my final."

Now that's quite impressive.

Peter is holding down a job this summer and will attend Curry College in Milton,Ma. in the Fall. He'll play football for the Coloniels, who have a great tradition of winning in the New England Football Conference.

Sonofcodmansquare.com wishes this Dorchester product all the best, as he is living proof that there are MANY success stories in our community that need to be shared and given more light than the media currently provides. And finally a message to all who hesitate,half-step,or think our young people aren't out there doing the right thing: all I can say is,"Here Comes PETER BERMENT,and There Goes Peter Berment! He's moving on to bigger and better things. Print that!