Friday, May 14, 2010

Score Another Point For Boston's Youth!

Hello Everyone,
It's Friday and the weather forecast looks very promising for the weekend with sunny skies and temps predicted to rise into in the 70's.With good weather comes lots of fun outdoors,smiles on folks faces,and unfortunately in Boston, a rise in crime.When bad things are caused by bad people,many times good people suffer in so many ways.Folks that are doing the right thing,staying as far away from trouble as possible,and actually improving our city in so many ways are far too often never given credit for living a positive lifestyle. This blog cannot change the world,but hopefully it can in some small way,expose alot of the good that Boston and it's neighborhoods possess. For every baseball or softball game I attend,I'm in the presence of no less than 50 players,coaches students ,and fans that have chosen to be a part of the solution to Boston's problems rather than the cause.
I invite and challenge everyone who reads this to get out,find the time,and support not only student athletes but aspiring scientists,artists,girls & boys scouts or any other activity that is keeping these children on the path to success and hopefully out of harm's way. Then, once you witness their greatness,be sure to tell someone........Have a great weekend Everyone!