Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hey DCR,Where's The Love?

It's May 9th 2010,and in Boston,most residents with lawns have cut them at least once.Many have cut them two or three times,and after all the rain of late,it's very understandable if this weekend you gave your grass it's 4rth cut.
Obviously,the Department of Conservation and Recreation doesn't feel compelled to follow suit. At least not on Melnea Cass Boulevard. Despite keeping many other roads in their jurisdiction (VFW Parkway) well groomed and well maintained, Melnea Cass ,which runs from Massachusetts Avenue next to the Southeast Expressway to Tremont Street,traditionally gets neglected. Thus far it has not been cut at all! Not only is it disrespectful to the community,but it's also a very bad first impression of Boston for the thousands of visitors who travel in and out of our city to pickup and dropoff students at nearby colleges. Soon I suspect there will be a crew of state and correctional facility workers making their 2010 debut,but it's May 9th for goodness sake...... Where's the love?