Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thoughts From The Baseline.....

Hey Everyone,the good weather is finally here! BUT,before I transition to softball,baseball & outdoor track, in the weeks to come,allow me to express a few thoughts about the "hoop experience" from the outside looking in.....

Got Cheerleaders? Where,oh where on God's green Earth have the cheerleaders at hoop games gone? Do they cost extra? I'll admit,I didn't attend any regular season games,so it came as a surprise that during playoff season there wasn't any to be found on Boston Public Schools teams' sidelines.Is it due to budget cuts or lack of interest? Hopefully the answer is not the latter.
National Anthem A great look! Having students sing is always been a great idea in my opinion. (see my 11-21-2009 post titled "I Just Gotta Say This") Every singer I saw performed very nicely and was a highlight of each pregame. I also believe that a student singing provides a venue for our local talent to shine,as well as being a good source of school pride & spirit. Two thumbs WAY UP!!!
2010 Rope-A-Dope? The scoreboard said 8:13 before the tip off of a playoff game and one team is on the court shooting,passing,stretching etc. They pretty much have the court to themselves until their opponent emerges from the locker room at least 3 minutes later,but no less prepared. They giggle,cheese for cameras,and have the calmness of a vacationer who's been lying on the beach in Aruba for 4,5 days.No layup lines,fancy passing drills or even a ceremonial lap around the court for 2nd team. Hell,they didn't even shoot 50% from the foul line as a team during their "warmup",lol. (this writer counted 17-35) But, guess what? Once the ball was thrown up things changed..... they blew the doors off the other squad and won easily,lol!! Therefore,if you're over 40 (like yours truly) you can't help but wonder if this was Ali-Foreman 2010 style!
Kudos To BNN! The Boston Neighborhood Network came through in a big way. They broadcasted a fair amount of games and should be applauded for that. The entire production was first class in every way.
Earthquake Hits The Bean? The Grove Hall Community Center is a state of the art facility. You name it,they've got it.Every neighborhood in Boston should have such a place for it's residents to access. That being said,have YOU ever stood on that court while a hoop game was being played? Wow....lol....this writer stood at one end and while action was going on at the other it felt well....you get the point,lol.You just have to witness it yourself one day (smiling) !

Thanks so much for your support,and thanks for reading and hearing Sonofcodmansquare's point of view! And as always,feel free to give feedback. Sonofcodmansquare@verizon.net, or join me on Facebook. Goodnight and God Bless!