Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Christmas Wish List!

This is the season to give and recieve gifts. Some are simplistic (socks,shoes,DVDs),and some are more difficult (peace on earth,low gas prices). I've got my own list of things I'd like,not just for me,but for the city and community I love:

-bring back the "real" WILD 1090...with local personalities and local topics to share

-buffalo (monster)wings from Windy City

-English to beat Latin on Turkey Day

-a quiet lunch at Ashmont Grille

-an artificial playing surface for White Stadium (it's long overdue)

-a large steak & cheese from Hi-Fi Pizza

-girls softball and soccer for boys & girls at all middle schools

-chicken fingers from East Coast on Dot Ave.

-a murder free 2010

-a picnic in Franklin Pk.

-a fully functional scoreboard at every athletic facility (indoor or outdoor),more venues for local musicians & singers to perform,cashiers that actually say "thank you",the Mike&Mike Espn Radio Show back on the air in Boston,TJMS in stereo,equal POSITIVE media coverage to our local Pop Warner kids as there is for Little League Baseball teams OUTSIDE of Boston,an empty Dorchester Courthouse......and......

-anything and everything from the Texas BBQ place next to the gas station in Codman Square,lol!