Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Holidays To All!

2009 has been a great year at this blog site! It's accomplished what it set out to do,and has a great foundation in which to build upon. I am so blessed and grateful to all that have read,participated,and spread the word about not just the blog ,but all of the persons and organizations that are the subjects within it. I truly believe those folks are the driving force of positivity that our community possesses! What I (we) have tried to do at this space is to expose and share this upbeat messege to as many people as possible. Boston has so many things that are good going on and will continue to offer a stage on which our residents can shine. A personal thanks to the following: the high school headmaster who graciously offered access,the high school football coach (thanks for the roster),the Pop Warner President (for continued support and insight),the high school cheerleading coach (a great advocate for his young ladies), the Post Office in Codman Square (02124), F.J.B. (the tech support), D.B.K.S. (the X's & O's) high school & Pop Warner players and cheerleaders (the shining stars of this show!),Kiki ,Ricardo & Steph (for their understanding and allowing me the time and oppurtunity to do this,and the youth of Boston (the inspiration!), We've only just begun with this......All the best this holiday season!