Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hats Off To The Dorchester Eagles!

The 2009 football season ended for the Dorchester Eagles at Chelsea's Memorial Stadium on Saturday. After enduring an offseason filled with controversy,uncertainty,uneasiness,and frustration,the DPW went forward this fall and fielded 5 strong teams which our community can be proud of. They overcame all of the doubts,false accusations and negativity which was thrown in their direction from many different sources and went about their business. Business which among other things is providing over a hundred children with a positive activity in which to be involved with. The players and cheerleaders practiced and played in the heat of August,the rain of September,and the cold weather late October brings. And they did it with alot of pride. Despite being prevented from pursuing their annual goal of a national championship by an extremely unfair ruling,the DPW competed game in and game out very admirably. Sonofcodmansquare recognizes the tremendous achievements the DPW has accomplished over the years and does not doubt for one minute that they will duplicate those achievements in the years to come!